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Director's Statement

Valor’s Dawn, was born when I assembled a group of talented filmmaking and theater colleagues from Toronto and New York, embarking on an extraordinary journey.  We realized that collectively with our vision, energy, expertise and resources, we had an excellent opportunity to create a film that is unique to the short film genre. 

Valor’s Dawn is a micro epic in the vein and genre of a Shakespearean drama/tragedy and reminiscent of grand Gladiator style films, complete with professional fight choreographers, lavish costumes and equipment, special effects, professionally trained fight extras and ancient looking indoor/outdoor locations and sets. 

The Metropolitan Opera where the cast choreographed and rehearsed for several months to develop an elaborate, complex and realistic fight sequence of sword, battle-axe and hand-to-hand combat. In essence, we have a true synthesis of indie spirit and filmmaking, with professional technique, grand scale, authenticity and high-end production values. 

The film is an ambitious 15 minute HD short about a 1st century Celtic King agonizing on his deathbed over the loss of his son during the greatest battle of his life. The film was shot and produced in Toronto and New York City in multiple locations evoking more ancient and classical settings and architecture such as:

– Scarborough Bluffs, Casa Loma, Toronto Island and Innisfil, ON locations which were through set and production design enhanced to resemble 50 B.C. Britannia (TO).

– Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where an ornate and antique King’s bedchamber was designed and constructed (NYC).

– Central Park, particularly Belvedere Castle, during New York’s worst blizzard in 80 years. Queens and Staten Island parks were also used in filming (NYC). 

As the film builds to its powerful conclusion, the plot demands that my character, Ambiorix, transform onscreen from a virile, fit, young warrior to a contemplative, wrinkled and death ridden old King on his death bed. Tormented by the demons of his own history, questioning the loss of his son Conall, the act of brutal savagery committed against his son on the battlefield and the moral validity and worth of his power and honor.  It is in the torment of his conscience that this film explores and serves as a political and moral allegory for our present day quagmires and commitment to wars with no clear end, victory or resolution.  This is a story of familial love, loss and a man’s struggle for truth and redemption.

My goal was to create a compelling, dramatic and stylistically appealing short action film that will garner respect and recognition for my contributions as a dynamic performer and dramatic actor, while drawing attention to my abilities as a filmmaker. After a lengthy and arduous development process of seven years, I believe I’ve realized my goal of producing and finishing a film that embodies the qualities integral to professional filmmaking: a compelling story/script combined with strong acting, provocative cinematography, professional editing and sound orchestrated from pre-production through post-production resulting in the film, Valor’s Dawn. 


Reed Clare




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